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Transformative Consumer Research is a movement within our association that seeks to encourage, support, and publicize research that benefits consumer welfare and quality of life for all beings affected by consumption across the world. This section of the ACR website includes information about symposia, research funds, publications, and other resources and opportunities for scholars wishing to be involved in Transformative Consumer Research via the Association for Consumer Research. 

The JBR article "Transformative Service Research: An Agenda for the Future" is on 
Shugan's Top 20 Most Cited Marketing Articles.  This site is meant to indicate high-impact articles across all marketing and consumer research journals.  Each month it publishes a meta-journal of the 20 most cited articles in marketing during a moving 4 year window. This article has been there for 8 months!   Here is this month's meta-journal. It is #13.



The 2021 Transformative Consumer Research Conference will be held
June 27-30, 2021, at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA). 
The co-organizers are David Mick and Rick Netemeyer. 


The deadline for track proposals is May 31, 2020.

The details for submitting track proposals can be found at:

The conference website is under development, and will be found at:

The conference will again be based on a dialogical model of research collaboration and,
accordingly, the call for track proposals will appear on various listservs beginning in January, 2020.

Questions may be sent to


Social Impact Executive Leadership Talks

One of TCR's recent initiatives was to host a series of discussions with key partners who are marrying up their social impact practice with academic research.

Below are a series of talks from members of this Social Impact Executive Leadership that shows the ongoing partnership TCR has with our industry partners.




HIPPY: Topic:

Hunger Task Force:



Past Conferences

TCR 2019 Conference was be held at Florida State University.
Chaired by Martin Mende and Maura Scott 
Click here for more information about the 2019 TCR Conference

 TCR 2017 was held at Cornell University.
Chaired by Brennan Davis, Julie Ozanne and Stijn Van Osselaer 
This was another year of exciting innovation for TCR as you can see in the list of conference tracks.
Click here for more information about the 2017 TCR Conference
There were 207 participants at TCR 2017 of which 56 were doctoral students. All participants were ACR members (many signed up for ACR to participate). Participants were from 19 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and of course the United States.  There were 25 tracks: 15 tracks were in track 1, and 10 were in track 2. Track 1 was for TCR participants who wanted the chance to dialogue about a new topic together at TCR. Track 2 was a continuation of the research dialogue that included empirical work or action components.  For the first time, we held a workshop for early career scholars on how to increase the impact of their research, e.g., in mass media, using relational engagement strategies. There are two pending special publications from TCR 2017: a special issue in the Journal of Business Research and a special section in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and both are expected to be ready for publication around 2019.


Adapted from Mick, David Glen, Simone Pettigrew,Cornelia Pechmann, and Julie L. Ozanne (2012), “Origins, Qualities, and Envisionments of Transformative Consumer Research,” in Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, ed. David Glen Mick, Simone Pettigrew,Cornelia Pechmann, and Julie L. Ozanne, New York: Routledge, 3-24.

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