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Rejected, shackled, and alone: The impact of systemic restricted choice on minority consumers' construction of self

Sterling A. Bone
Glenn L Christensen
Jerome D Williams

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Transformative intersectionality: Moving business towards a critical praxis

Laurel Steinfield
Wendy Hein
Minita Sanghvi
Linda Tuncay Zayer
Jan Brace-Govan
Catherine A. Coleman
Robert L. Harrison
Nacima Ourahmoune

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Political Polarization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Hope for Consumer Welfare, Marketers, and Public Policy

T.J. Weber
Chris Hydock
William Ding
Meryl Gardner

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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Mental Health and the Marketplace

Where: Journal of Consumer Marketing

EditorsAnn Mirabito, Jane Machin, Beth Crosby, Natalie Ross Adkins, and Justine Rapp Farrell

Submission: 1st December 2020- 24 January 2021

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Call for Papers

GenderS and Consumer Well-being

Where: Journal of Consumer Affairs

Editors: Laurel Steinfield, Martina Hutton, and Mohammed Cheded

SubmissionsJan 1-March 31st, 2021

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Call for Papers

Marketing-Based Initiatives to Prevent Radicalization

Where: Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

Topic: Marketing-Based Initiatives to Prevent Radicalization

Editors: Yany Grégoire and Marie-Louise Radanielina-Hita

Submission: 1st February – 31st March 2021

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TCR’s research has received significant grants to help extend its contributions to academic knowledge and impact in society at large. We also disseminate information about pending grants to help scholars and practitioners find funding for transformative-related work. Find out more

Available Grant

Call for Proposals for ACR-TCR Grants 2021

For 2021, TCR will again sponsor a two-tier research project-funding framework.
• Tier 1 funding generally retains the process we used in the past.
• Tier 2 funding aims to support high-potential projects that were already vetted through initial inquiry and are seeking to expand on insights already gained.

Deadline: June 1, 2021 

Funding notifications to be sent no later than September 15, 2021 

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TCR Grant Receipients

Stigmatized Shoes: A Simulation to Reduce Stigma Against Mental Illness

Jane Machin, Ph.D., Radford University
Ann M. Mirabito, Ph.D., Baylor University 
Natalie Ross Adkins, Ph.D., Drake University 
Elizabeth Crosby, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 
Nadine Hartig, Ph.D., Radford University 
Sarah Hastings, Ph.D., Ed.S., M.Ed. Radford University 
Paige Walters. Montgomery County Public Schools
Joshua Morriss, Peerspective 
Brett Bowker, Peerspective 
Amount: $2,000.00

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