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Marketing as a Means to Transformative Social Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Transitioning War Economies and the Colombian Coffee Marketing System

Andrés Barrios, Kristine de Valck, Clifford J. Shultz II, Olivier Sibai, Katharina C. Husemann, Matthew Maxwell-Smith, and Marius K. Luedicke
-- Journal of Public Policy & Marketing | 2016

Wisdom: Exploring the pinnacle of human virtues as a central link from micromarketing to macromarketing

David Glen Mick, Thomas S. Bateman, and Richard J. Lutz
-- Journal of Macromarketing  | 2009

The Global Refugee Crisis: Pathway for a More Humanitarian Solution

Clifford Shultz, Jaime Sierra, Julia R. Pennington, Maria Hokkinen, Renu Emile, Marcos Santos, Ingrid Becker, Alexander V. Krasnikov, Andres Barrios, and Aronte M. Bennett
-- Journal of Macromarketing | 2020

From Conflict to Cooperation: A Macromarketing View of Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Lebanon and the Middle East

Beatriz DeQuero-Navarro, Karine Aoun Barakat, Clifford J. Shultz, Rafael A. Araque-Padilla, and Maria Jose Montero-Simo
-- Environmental Management | 2020

Entrepreneurship as Boundary Object: Toward Reintegration of Colombia’s Ex-Militants into Civil Society

Andrés Barrios Fajardo, Clifford Shultz, and Juan Carlos Montes Joya
-- Journal of Macromarketing | 2019

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