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Sharing cathartic stories online: The internet as a means of expression following a crisis event 

Ekant Veer
Lucie K. Ozanne
C. Michael Hall

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Understanding the inherent complexity of sustainable consumption: A social cognitive framework

Marcus Phipps
Lucie K. Ozanne
Todd Weaver
Bonnie Simpson
Michael G. Luchs
Randall L. Rose
Rebecca Walker Naylor
Roland Gau
Jesse R. Catlin
Sommer Kapitan
Saroja Subrahmanyan

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Transforming Consumer Health

Debra L. Scammon
Punam A. Keller
Pia A. Albinsson
Shalini Bahl
Jesse R. Catlin
Kelly L. Haws
Jeremy Kees
Tracey King
Elizabeth Gelfand Miller
Ann M. Mirabito
Paula C. Peter
Robert M. Schindler

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Any Size for a Dollar: The Effect of Any‐Size‐Same‐Price Versus Standard Pricing on Beverage Size Choices

Kelly L. Haws
Peggy J. Liu
Steven K. Dallas
John Cawley
Christina A. Roberto

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Managing the Tensions at the Intersection of the Triple Bottom Line: A Paradox Theory Approach to Sustainability Management

Lucie K. Ozanne
Marcus Phipps
Todd Weaver
Michal Carrington
Michael Luchs
Jesse Catlin
Shipra Gupta
Nicholas Santos
Kristin Scott
Jerome Williams

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Is Savings Automation Helpful to Liquid Savings? It Depends on Whether You Have a Savings Habit

Casey Newmeyer
Dee Warmath
Genevieve E. O'Connor
Nancy Wong

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Pandemic Reveals Vulnerabilities in Food Access: Confronting Hunger Amidst a Crisis

Melissa G. Bublitz
Natalie Czarkowski
Jonathan Hansen
Laura A. Peracchio

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Choose, choose, choose, choose, choose, choose, choose: Emerging and prospective research on the deleterious effects of living in consumer hyperchoice 

David Glen Mick
Susan M. Broniarczyk
Jonathan Haidt

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Institutionalizing Diversity-and-Inclusion-Engaged Marketing for Multicultural Marketplace Well-Being

Eva Kipnis
Catherine Demangeot
Chris Pullig
Samantha N.N. Cross
Charles Chi Cui
Cristina Galalae
Shauna Kearney
Tana Cristina Licsandru
Carlo Mari
Veronica Martin Ruiz
Samantha Swanepoel
Lizette Vorster
Jerome D. Williams

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Financial Literacy, Financial Education, and Downstream Financial Behaviors

Daniel Fernandes
John G. Lynch Jr.
Richard G. Netemeyer

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From Nutrients to Nurturance: A Conceptual Introduction to Food Well-Being

Lauren G. Block
Sonya A. Grier
Terry L. Childers
Brennan. Davis
Jane E. J. Ebert
Shiriki Kumanyika
Russell N. Laczniak
Jane E. Machin
Carol M. Motley
Laura Peracchio
Simone Pettigrew
Maura Scott
Mirjam N. G. van Ginkel Bieshaar

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Consumer Wisdom for Personal Well-Being and the Greater Good: Scale Development and Validation

Michael Gerhard Luchs
Kelly L. Haws
David Glen Mick

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Compared to dematerialized money, cash increases impatience in intertemporal choice 

Rod Duclos
Mansur Khamitov.

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Transformative intersectionality: Moving business towards a critical praxis

Laurel Steinfield
Wendy Hein
Minita Sanghvi
Linda Tuncay Zayer
Jan Brace-Govan
Catherine A. Coleman
Robert L. Harrison
Nacima Ourahmoune

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Structures, Systems and Differences that Matter: Casting an Ecological-Intersectionality Perspective on Female Subsistence Farmers’ Experiences of the Climate Crisis

Laurel Steinfield
Diane Holt

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