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Dog parks and coffee shops: Faux diversity and consumption in gentrifying neighborhoods

Sonya A. Grier
Vanessa G. Perry

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Consumer ethnicity three decades after: a TCR agenda

Luca M. Visconti
Aliakbar Jafari
Wided Batat
Aurelie Broeckerhoff
Ayla Özhan Dedeoglu
Catherine Demangeot
Eva Kipnis
Andrew Lindridge
Lisa Peñaloza
Chris Pullig
Fatima Regany
Elif Ustundagli
Michelle F. Weinberger

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Understanding Difficult Consumer Transitions: The In/Dividual Consumer in Permanent Liminality

Samuelson Appau
Julie L. Ozanne
Jill G. Klein.

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Sharing cathartic stories online: The internet as a means of expression following a crisis event 

Ekant Veer
Lucie K. Ozanne
C. Michael Hall

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You Say You Want a Revolution? Drawing on Social Movement Theory to Motivate Transformative Change

Ann M. Mirabito
Leonard L. Berry

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Exploring the relations in relational engagement: Addressing barriers to transformative consumer research

Maria G. Piacentini
Susan Dunnett
Kathy Hamilton
Emma Banister
Hélène Gorge
Carol Kaufman-Scarborough
Agnes Nairn

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Promoting positive change: Advancing the food well-being paradigm

Melissa G. Bublitz
Priyali Rajagopal
Laura A. Peracchio
Paula C. Peter
Carol M. Motley
Maura L. Scott
Beth Vallen
Jeremy Kees
Alan R. Andreasen
Elizabeth Gelfand Miller
Blair Kidwell

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Transforming Consumer Health

Debra L. Scammon
Punam A. Keller
Pia A. Albinsson
Shalini Bahl
Jesse R. Catlin
Kelly L. Haws
Jeremy Kees
Tracey King
Elizabeth Gelfand Miller
Ann M. Mirabito
Paula C. Peter
Robert M. Schindler

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Buddhist psychology: Selected insights, benefits, and research agenda for consumer psychology

David Glen Mick

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How Am I Doing? Perceived Financial Well-Being, Its Potential Antecedents, and Its Relation to Overall Well-Being

Richard Netemeyer
Dee Warmath
Daniel Fernandes
John G. Lynch Jr.

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The Case for Moral Consumption: Examining and Expanding the Domain of Moral Behavior to Promote Individual and Collective Well-Being

Yuliya Komarova Loureiro
Sara Baskentli
Stefanie M. Tignor
Julia Bayuk
Gergana Y. Nenkov
Dave Webb

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Understanding the inherent complexity of sustainable consumption: A social cognitive framework

Marcus Phipps
Lucie K. Ozanne
Michael G. Luchs
Saroja Subrahmanyan
Sommer Kapitan
Jesse R. Catlin
Roland Gau
Rebecca Walker Naylor
Randall L. Rose
Bonnie Simpson
Todd Weaver

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Consumer wisdom: a theoretical framework of five integrated facets

Michael Gerhard Luchs
David Glen Mick

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Navigating the Central Tensions in Research on At-Risk Consumers: Challenges and Opportunities

Cornelia Pechmann
Elizabeth S. Moore
Alan R. Andreasen
Paul M. Connell
Dan Freeman
Meryl P. Gardner
Deborah Heisley
R. Craig Lefebvre
Dante M. Pirouz
Robin L. Soster

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Immigration, Culture, and Ethnicity in Transformative Consumer Research

David Crockett
Laurel Anderson
Sterling A Bone
Abhijit Roy
Jeff Jianfeng Wang
Garrett Coble

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