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Transformative Stories: A Framework for Crafting Stories for Social Impact Organizations

Melissa G. Bublitz
Jennifer Edson Escalas
Laura A. Peracchio
Pia Furchheim
Stacy Landreth Grau
Anne Hamby
Mark J. Kay
Mark R. Mulder
Andrea Scott

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Responsibility and Well-Being: Resource Integration Under Responsibilization in Expert Services

Laurel Anderson
Jelena Spanjol
Josephine Go Jefferies
Amy L. Ostrom
Courtney Nations Baker
Sterling A. Bone
Hilary Downey
Martin Mende
Justine M. Rapp

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Compared to dematerialized money, cash increases impatience in intertemporal choice 

Rod Duclos
Mansur Khamitov.

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Transformative consumer research: Its origins and possible enrichment of the field of consumer research in South Africa

Leona M. Ungerer

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Choose, choose, choose, choose, choose, choose, choose: Emerging and prospective research on the deleterious effects of living in consumer hyperchoice 

David Glen Mick
Susan M. Broniarczyk
Jonathan Haidt

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Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities

Melissa G. Bublitz
Tracy Rank-Christman
Luca Cian
Xavier Cortada
Adriana Madzharov
Vanessa M. Patrick
Laura A. Perracchio
Maura L. Scott
Aparna Sundar
Ngoc (Rita) To
Claudia Townsend

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Consumer wisdom: a theoretical framework of five integrated facets

Michael Gerhard Luchs
David Glen Mick

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Managing the Tensions at the Intersection of the Triple Bottom Line: A Paradox Theory Approach to Sustainability Management

Lucie K. Ozanne
Marcus Phipps
Todd Weaver
Michal Carrington
Michael Luchs
Jesse Catlin
Shipra Gupta
Nicholas Santos
Kristin Scott
Jerome Williams

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The Adverse Effect of Choice in Donation Decisions

Danit Ein-Gar
Liat Levontin
Tehila Kogut

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Authenticating brand activism: Negotiating the boundaries of free speech to make a change

Olivier Sibai
Laetitia Mimoun
Achilleas Boukis

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Immigration, Culture, and Ethnicity in Transformative Consumer Research

David Crockett
Laurel Anderson
Sterling A Bone
Abhijit Roy
Jeff Jianfeng Wang
Garrett Coble

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Tailored Educational Approaches for Consumer Health: A Model to Address Health Promotion in an Era of Personalized Medicine

Wendy F. Cohn
Jason Lyman
Donna K. Broshek
Thomas M. Guterbock
David Hartman
Mable Kinzie
David Mick
Aaron Pannone
Vanessa Sturz
Jane Schubart
Arthur T. Garson

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Dangerous double dosing: How naive beliefs can contribute to unintentional overdose with over-the-counter drugs

Jesse R. Catlin
Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann
Eric P. Brass

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Mindfulness: Its Transformative Potential for Consumer, Societal, and Environmental Well-Being

Shalini Bahl
George R. Milne
Spencer M. Ross
David Glen Mick
Sonya A. Grier
Sunaina K. Chugani
Steven S. Chan
Stephen Gould
Yoon-Na Cho
Joshua D. Dorsey
Robert M. Schindler
Mitchel R. Murdock
Sabine Boesen-Mariani

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Measuring the impact of transformative consumer research: The relational engagement approach as a promising avenue

Brennan Davis
Julie L. Ozanne

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