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A spoonful of choice: How allocation increases satisfaction with tax payments

Cait Lamberton

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Advancing a participatory approach for youth risk behavior: Foundations, distinctions, and research directions

Marlys J. Mason
John F. Tanner
Maria Piacentini
Dan Freeman
Trena Anastasia
Wided Batat
Wendy Boland
Murad Canbulut
Jenna Drenten
Anne Hamby
Priyam Rangan
Zhiyong Yang

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Transforming Poverty-Related Policy with Intersectionality

Canan Corus
Bige Saatcioglu
Carol Kaufman-Scarborough
Christopher P. Blocker
Shikha Upadhyaya
Samuelson Appau

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Pandemic Reveals Vulnerabilities in Food Access: Confronting Hunger Amidst a Crisis

Melissa G. Bublitz
Natalie Czarkowski
Jonathan Hansen
Laura A. Peracchio

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Promoting positive change: Advancing the food well-being paradigm

Melissa G. Bublitz
Priyali Rajagopal
Laura A. Peracchio
Paula C. Peter
Carol M. Motley
Maura L. Scott
Beth Vallen
Jeremy Kees
Alan R. Andreasen
Elizabeth Gelfand Miller
Blair Kidwell

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On the road to addiction: The facilitative and preventive roles of marketing cues

Ingrid M. Martin
Michael A. Kamins
Dante M. Pirouz
Scott W. Davis
Kelly L. Haws
Ann M. Mirabito
Sayantani Mukherjee
Justine M. Rapp
Aditi Grover

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Mindfulness: Its Transformative Potential for Consumer, Societal, and Environmental Well-Being

Shalini Bahl
George R. Milne
Spencer M. Ross
David Glen Mick
Sonya A. Grier
Sunaina K. Chugani
Steven S. Chan
Stephen Gould
Yoon-Na Cho
Joshua D. Dorsey
Robert M. Schindler
Mitchel R. Murdock
Sabine Boesen-Mariani

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The Characteristics of Transformative Consumer Research and How it Can Contribute to and Enhance Consumer Psychology

Brennan Davis
Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann

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The low literate consumer

Natalie Ross Adkins
Julie L Ozanne

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Transformative intersectionality: Moving business towards a critical praxis

Laurel Steinfield
Wendy Hein
Minita Sanghvi
Linda Tuncay Zayer
Jan Brace-Govan
Catherine A. Coleman
Robert L. Harrison
Nacima Ourahmoune

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Measuring the impact of transformative consumer research: The relational engagement approach as a promising avenue

Brennan Davis
Julie L. Ozanne

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Omission and Commission as Marketplace Trauma

Aronté Marie Bennett
Stacey Menzel Baker
Samantha Cross
J. P. James
Gregory Bartholomew
Akon E. Ekpo
Geraldine Rosa Henderson
Martina Hutton
Apoorv Khare
Abhijit Roy
Tony Stovall
Charles Ray Taylor

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Structures, Systems and Differences that Matter: Casting an Ecological-Intersectionality Perspective on Female Subsistence Farmers’ Experiences of the Climate Crisis

Laurel Steinfield
Diane Holt

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Transforming community well-being through patients' lived experiences

Andrew S. Gallan
Janet R. McColl-Kennedy
Tatiana Barakshina
Bernardo Figueiredo
Josephine Go Jefferies
Johanna Gollnhofer
Sally Hibbert
Nadina Luca
Sanjit Roy
Jelena Spanjol
Heidi Winklhofer

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Managing the Tensions at the Intersection of the Triple Bottom Line: A Paradox Theory Approach to Sustainability Management

Lucie K. Ozanne
Marcus Phipps
Todd Weaver
Michal Carrington
Michael Luchs
Jesse Catlin
Shipra Gupta
Nicholas Santos
Kristin Scott
Jerome Williams

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