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Financial Literacy, Financial Education, and Downstream Financial Behaviors

Daniel Fernandes
John G. Lynch Jr.
Richard G. Netemeyer

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Omission and Commission as Marketplace Trauma

Aronté Marie Bennett
Stacey Menzel Baker
Samantha Cross
J. P. James
Gregory Bartholomew
Akon E. Ekpo
Geraldine Rosa Henderson
Martina Hutton
Apoorv Khare
Abhijit Roy
Tony Stovall
Charles Ray Taylor

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Across Time, Across Space, and Intersecting in Complex Ways: A Framework for Assessing Impacts of Environmental Disruptions on Nature-Dependent Prosumers

Laurel Steinfield
Srinivas Venugopal
Samuelson Appau
Andres Barrios

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Understanding poverty and promoting poverty alleviation through transformative consumer research

Christopher P. Blocker
Julie A. Ruth
Srinivas Sridharan
Colin Beckwith
Ahmet Ekici
Martina Goudie-Hutton
José Antonio Rosa
Bige Saatcioglu
Debabrata Talukdar
Carlos Trujillo
Rohit Varman

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Measuring the impact of transformative consumer research: The relational engagement approach as a promising avenue

Brennan Davis
Julie L. Ozanne

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Poverty in consumer culture: towards a transformative social representation

Kathy Hamilton
Maria G. Piacentini
Emma Banister
Andres Barrios
Christopher P. Blocker
Catherine A. Coleman
Ahmet Ekici
Hélène Gorge
Martina Hutton
Françoise Passerard
Bige Saatcioglu

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Constructing a bridge to multicultural marketplace well-being: A consumer-centered framework for marketer action

Catherine Demangeot
Eva Kipnis
Chris Pullig
Samantha N.N. Cross
Julie Emontspool
Cristina Galalae
Sonya A. Grier
Mark S. Rosenbaum
Susy F. Best

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Emotional ability training and mindful eating

Blair Kidwell
David M. Hardesty
Jonathan Hasford

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Buddhist psychology: Selected insights, benefits, and research agenda for consumer psychology

David Glen Mick

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Big Picture, Bad Outcomes: When Visual Perspectives Harm Health Goal Pursuit

Jason Stornelli
Beatriz Pereira
Richard J. Vann

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Institutionalizing Diversity-and-Inclusion-Engaged Marketing for Multicultural Marketplace Well-Being

Eva Kipnis
Catherine Demangeot
Chris Pullig
Samantha N.N. Cross
Charles Chi Cui
Cristina Galalae
Shauna Kearney
Tana Cristina Licsandru
Carlo Mari
Veronica Martin Ruiz
Samantha Swanepoel
Lizette Vorster
Jerome D. Williams

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Rejected, shackled, and alone: The impact of systemic restricted choice on minority consumers' construction of self

Sterling A. Bone
Glenn L Christensen
Jerome D Williams

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Consumer mindfulness and marketing implications

Nelson Oly Ndubisi

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The Adverse Effect of Choice in Donation Decisions

Danit Ein-Gar
Liat Levontin
Tehila Kogut

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Consumer ethnicity three decades after: a TCR agenda

Luca M. Visconti
Aliakbar Jafari
Wided Batat
Aurelie Broeckerhoff
Ayla Özhan Dedeoglu
Catherine Demangeot
Eva Kipnis
Andrew Lindridge
Lisa Peñaloza
Chris Pullig
Fatima Regany
Elif Ustundagli
Michelle F. Weinberger

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