TCR Grants

The ACR Board and Sheth Foundation are continuing to generously provide funds to support the ACR TCR grant competition. Past grants were supported by the Sheth Foundation, Association for Consumer Research, and Kellogg Foundation.

TCR Grant Receipients

The Roles of Pre-factual Cognitions and Anticipated Emotions in Pro- environmental Behavior: Moderating Effects of Response Efficacy

Soo Hyun Kim and Insook Ahn
Amount: $1,417.50

TCR Grant Receipients

Responsible Online Game Consumption Amongst Adolescents: Role of Family and Peer

Ambika Prasad Nanda and Anjali Malik
Amount: $2,050.00

TCR Grant Receipients

Food and Nutritional Security of Young Low-Income Students if Public Schools in Brazil

Marcelo Rezende Pinto, Georgiana Luna Batinga, Bruno Medeiros A´ssimos, and Gustavo Tomaz de Almeida
Amount: $1,117.00

TCR Grant Receipients

Made for Change: Consumer Reaction to Products and Firms Involved with Prison Labor Programs

Julie Huang
Amount: $2,025.00

TCR Grant Receipients

An Intersectionality Perspective of the Experiences of Student- Consumers in Business Schools

Laurel Steinfeld and Wendy Hein
Amount: $4,468.00

TCR Grant Receipients

How Space Interventions Can Shape Community Well-Being

Brennan Davis, Martin Fritze, Julie Ozanne, Joann Peck, and Carol Scarborough-Kaufman
Amount: $2,490.00

TCR Grant Receipients

The Quantified Self: The Effects of Activity Tracking and Anthropomorphization on Consumer Health Motivation and Behavior

Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, Gergana Nenkov, Anders Gustafsson, and Lane Peterson
Amount: $1,850.00

TCR Grant Receipients

How Can We Theorise With Social Impact Organisations?

Agnes Nairn, Susan Dunnett, Maria Piacentini, Kathy Hamilton, Emma Banister, Helene Gorge, and Carol Scarborough
Amount: $3,665.21

TCR Grant Receipients

Consumer Political Participation: Consistency and Licensing Effects of Small Donor Contributions

Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh,Pureum Kim
Amount: $2,480.00

Available Grant

Grant: Academy of Indian Marketing Sheth Foundation Research Proposal Competition

Information: Marketing can be a very helpful force to serve society. It is perhaps the most critical function for social causes, government programs for social development and for all NGOs’ initiatives. Proposals focusing on theory development, empirical testing of theoretical frameworks and the examination of marketing practice as a force for good are all equally welcome.

Amount: Maximum 6 (Six) proposals; up to Rs.1,00,000 grant

Deadline: 31st July 2020

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Available Grant

Grant: UK Research and Innovation

Information: Proposals are invited for short-term projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Project length: Up to 18 months Closing date: none - apply at any time

Funding: Grants will be awarded at 80% of the full economic cost (fEC) for Research Council funding, or in line with Innovate UK's funding rules. For Innovate UK funding, State Aid rules apply. Please see guidance here.

Award range: There is no specific budget for this call. We are interested in funding research of any scale that can demonstrate it will deliver impact in the project length.

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Grant Recipient Projects

TCR’s research has received significant grants to help extend its contributions to academic knowledge and impact in society at large. Read about some of our grant recipient projects.

Grant Information

Grant Recipient: Dr Eva Kipnis (Project Co-Ordinator) and Dr Ian Brittain (Co-Principal Investigators)

Source: European Union Framework 7 (Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme Programme) 2013-2018

Amount: €852,600

Topic: CARNiVAL project examining legacies of mega-events. The research focused upon all three stages of the event process (pre-event, the event itself and post-event) with a range of issues and impacts to be considered at both the micro and macro level. It considered both sporting and non-sporting events using a case study approach.

Grant Information

Grant Recipient: Dr Cornelia Pechmann (Principal Investigator) Dr James Prochaska (Co-Principal Investigator)

Source: National Institutes of Health (March 1, 2016 - March 1, 2021).

Amount: $2,577,181.00

Topic: "Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco Addiction“. This research project, with its cutting-edge social network approaches and analyses, will examine the potential of the internet, and more specifically social media, to engage health communications for quitting smoking and preventing relapse for addiction treatment and cancer prevention. Further, the design tests the personalized benefits and treatment processes of a women-centered internet cessation intervention.

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