Call for Proposals: MSI/JPP&M Research Competition

A Collaboration of MSI with Editors of Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Submission Deadline: 500-Word Pre-Proposals due by end of day, December 6th


The 2022-2024 MSI Research Priorities are developed in conjunction with MSI corporate members and leading scholars. These priorities include sections on Corporate Mission Shifts from Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Value (Priority 5) and Regulatory and Public Policy Issues Affecting Marketing (Priority 6).  MSI is pleased to announce this academic research competition in collaboration with the Editors of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Kelly Martin of Colorado State University and Maura Scott of Florida State University.[1]


Firm mission shifts from shareholder value to stakeholder value. Corporations are adapting their missions and priorities to encompass the impacts their business practices can have on multiple stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, local/broader communities, as well as shareholders) along the entire value chain.  MSI seeks research on general business models that align profit motives with stakeholder value, recognizing that “marketing can and should be leveraged as a catalyst for positive change to promote individual, societal, and environmental well-being” and thus increase the sustainability of the firm.[2] MSI is specifically interested in work on how firms can best deliver value for shareholders but also for employees and society more broadly in domains of public health; diversity, equity, and inclusion; environmental sustainability; and responsiveness to regulatory and ethical considerations – e.g., in privacy.


Regulatory & Public Policy Issues Affecting Marketing. MSI challenges scholars to develop state-of-the-art insights to help managers understand the regulatory and policy landscape that will affect marketing. How can scholarly insights help predict policy evolution and inform policy-making that creates conditions to align firm goals with those of societal stakeholders? For example, can research advance policy recommendations that encourage firms to develop a more inclusive set of offerings (e.g., in healthcare or financial services), that can also lead to more profitable practices for the firm? Can research inform how regulation and policy might change because of unintended consequences of current policies?[3]



Our intent is to award grants in the 2022 calendar year. Though larger amounts might be considered in unusual circumstances, seed-funding awards are typically in the range of $3000 to $5000.

The deadline to submit a 500-word pre-proposal is end of day December 6th.  Please see instructions and submit your pre-proposal at this link:


MSI & JPP&M will review all pre-proposals. If we need additional information to judge your pre-proposal, we will contact you in mid-December and ask for a speedy response to allow us to award funds from our 2022 budget.

[1] JPP&M and MSI plan a related special issue, with submission deadline late in 2023. Grant recipients from this competition are not obliged to submit their work to JPP&M. Awardees work may be a fit with that special issue.

[2] Mende, Martin, and Maura L. Scott. (2021, p. 116), “May the Force Be with You: Expanding the Scope for Marketing Research as a Force for Good in a Sustainable World.” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40 (2):116–25. .

[3] Resources to guide the research may be found in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)[3], Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) Principles, & Transformative Consumer Research.

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