Gaze Guided Nutritional Information Retrieval and Consumer Food Decisions

Wenjie Han, Cornell University
Anne Hamby, Boise State University
Melissa Bublitz, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Peter Kiefer, ETH Zurich
Tiffany Kwok, ETH Zurich

Award Amount: $1,500


Combining recent developments in human-computer interaction, this research tests the effects of using audio feedback triggered by gaze through an eye tracker on consumer food decisions. The authors propose this technological approach will prompt consumers to allocate more attention to their food orders and subsequently, make healthy choices. In a preregistered field experiment (N = 100), we hope to show that, compared to viewing standard numeric calorie labelling, hearing audio information regarding the total caloric content of a meal triggered by consumers’ gaze effectively diminishes the calorie total in a selected meal. Furthermore, we seek to demonstrate this software elevates consumer enjoyment of the meal. Finally, we will discuss the potential of using eye-tracking devices for future marketing research and how they can be deployed to benefit diners and local businesses.

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