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Welcome to May’s final edition of Transformative Topics, a series where we feature Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) in a topical area of consumer, environmental or societal well-being. To continue celebrating European Diversity Month, this week we feature a paper that emerged from the second TCR conference held in 2009 at Villanova University. Laurie Anderson and Dave Crockett led a track on immigration, culture, and ethnicity which led to a foundation paper on the topic, available at the TCR website.


Laurie and Dave reflect on the influence this paper has had on subsequent research streams: 

“Our paper developed from one of the first dialogical TCR conferences which made it so much fun. Each of our coauthors has published subsequent work directly on immigration, culture, and ethnicity, on related topics, or has brought the sensibility from this project to mainstream topics.  Dave has produced award winning work (JCR Best Paper) in discrimination, stigma, and respectability.  Laurie has worked at developing the transformative service research (TSR) field with a focus on equity and studied ethnic communities and going between worlds.  Sterling has produced award winning research (inaugural winners of Responsible Research in Marketing) in financial discrimination, research that is now supported by federal agencies. Abhijit has published extensively on multicultural markets. Jianfeng (Jeff) has published broadly on topics in consumer research (e.g., indebtedness and materialism) and marketing (e.g., brands). It was also our great honor to work on this paper with the late Garrett Coble, as his first publication.”


We invite you to find the paper at the TCR website here. You can also search the TCR archives for other publications on diversity. Just type a keyword or author into the search box.



David Crockett, Laurel Anderson, Sterling A Bone, Abhijit Roy, Jeff Jianfeng Wang, and Garrett Coble (2011). Immigration, Culture, and Ethnicity in Transformative Consumer Research. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 30(1), Pages 47-54.


Abstract: Immigration, culture, and ethnicity (IC&E) research has a lengthy history in consumer research, though most research focuses narrowly on identity (and related topics) and has been done at the individual level of analysis. First, the authors discuss the need for research focused on assessing well-being at the collective level and highlight the important role of social networks and communities in improving consumer well-being and creating effective policy interventions. Next, they explore the utility of the emerging intersectionality conceptual framework for research on well-being and IC&E. They offer specific suggestions for designing policy-oriented research using this approach and illustrate the process by taking a well-regarded IC&E study and reimagining its design using a process-centered approach to intersectionality.


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