Transformative Topics


Welcome to the second edition of May’s Transformative Topics, a series where we feature TCR research and researchers in a topical area of consumer, environmental or societal well-being. This month, in recognition of May being the EU's Diversity Month, we feature a seminal article on the topic of multicultural marketplace well-being, accessible here.


Eva Kipnis, Catherine Demangeot, and Samantha Cross (2021) shared that this paper:

“builds on our team’s prior research on multicultural marketplaces. We use an institutional theory framework to identify barriers that exist across the three interconnected fields of the marketing institution – research, education and practice. Through knowledge co-creation with practitioners in marketing and diversity and inclusion, we demonstrate that these barriers, which relate to cultural-cognitive (shared meanings), normative (normative factors), and regulatory (rules and systems) institutional pillars, exist within and across these interconnected fields. We argue that it is important to understand these barriers as they inhibit meaningful discourse around, and effective implementation of, diversity and inclusion initiatives in today’s multicultural marketplaces. Equally important, this research also illustrates how global research teams can leverage diversity, both in team composition and research focus, for innovative and pragmatic outcomes. The paper served as a springboard for multiple subsequent projects currently in progress, including a DIEM knowledge exchange online platform and student-informed DIEM curriculum development.” 


The DIEM online knowledge exchange platform is set to go live July this year! We will let you know when it is ready.


In the meantime, we invite you to find the paper at the TCR website here. You can also search the TCR archives for other publications on diversity and intersectionality. Just type a keyword or author into the search box.



Eva Kipnis, Catherine Demangeot, Chris Pullig, Samantha N.N. Cross, Charles Chi Cui, Cristina Galalea, Shauna Kearney, Tana Cristina Licsandru, Carlo Man, Veronica Martin Ruiz, Samantha Swanepoel, Lizette Vorster, and Jerome D. Williams (2021). Institutionalizing Diversity-and-Inclusion-Engaged Marketing for Multicultural Marketplace Well-Being. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40(2), Pages 143-164. 


Abstract: Within an institutional theory framework, this article identifies three interconnected fields of the marketing institution—research, education, and practice—that contribute to advancing the diversity and inclusion discourse in promoting multicultural marketplace well-being. Conducting three studies, one in each field and across contexts in three continents, the authors identify barriers that inhibit effective implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives in today’s multicultural marketplaces. These barriers exist within and across fields and pertain to cultural-cognitive (shared meanings), normative (normative factors), and regulatory (rules and systems) pillars supporting the existence or transformation of institutions. From the research findings, the authors provide specific guidance for institutional work within marketing’s fields and policy developments needed to advance diversity-and-inclusion-engaged marketing for enhancing multicultural marketplace well-being.

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