Thomas C. Kinnear Award 2020 Winner

The Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPP&M) awarded the 2020 Thomas C. Kinnear Award to “The Squander Sequence: Understanding Food Waste at Each Stage of the Consumer Decision-Making Process” which appeared in the September 2016 issue (Vol. 35, No. 2) of JPP&M.


The article was authored by a team that included Lauren G. Block, Punam A. Keller, Beth Vallen, Sara Williamson, Mia M. Birau, Amir Grinstein, Kelly L. Haws, Monica C. LaBarge, Cait Lamberton, Elizabeth S. Moore, Emily M. Moscato, Rebecca Walker Reczek, and Andrea Heintz Tangari.


Of their choice, the review committee stated: “The ‘Squander Sequence’ article investigates the problem of food waste. Despite the complexity of the problem, the Committee believed this research provided a framework that is elegant and clear, yet sufficiently comprehensive, to aid in our understanding of the key policy and research issues. The authors make a broad contribution to advancing knowledge, theory, and practice. High-impact and generative research collaboration, such as that demonstrated in this article, sparks policy ideas, conversation, and future research with the power to advance well-being at the individual and societal level.”


Coauthor Cait Lamberton drew on her real-world policy experience when writing this article. “Working as part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Commission on Reducing Food Waste, I became aware that although scholars from economics, food science, nutrition, and sociology have devoted decades of study to the topic of food waste, marketing has been curiously slow to offer a framework for this highly consumption-relevant problem,” Lamberton notes. “The ‘Squander Sequence’ paper offered a broad depiction of the frameworks that consumer researchers would contribute to the conceptualization and reduction of food waste, and offers a bridge for future interdisciplinary work.”


Named after JPP&M’s founding editor, Thomas C. Kinnear, the award honors articles that make the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues within a three year time period. JPP&M coeditors Scot Burton, Pam Scholder Ellen, and Joshua L. Wiener oversaw the selection process.

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