Nicosia Award

2019  Kelley Cours Anderson, Hans Hansen and Debra A Laverie 
2019  Gergana Nenkov and Hristina Nikolova 
2018  Anne Hamby and David Brinberg 
2017  Nelson Camanho and Daniel Fernandes 
2016 Ioannis Evangelidis, JonathanLevav and Itamar Simonson
Rom Y. Schrift and Moty Amar
2014 Verena E. Stoeckl, Hayang Yang, and Leonard Lee
2013 Lili Wang, Steven Shepherd, and Tanya Chartrand
Haipeng Chen, Lisa Bolton, and Sharon Ng
2011 Benjamin J. Hartmann, Caroline Wiertz, and Eric Arnould
2009 Dan King and Chris Janiszewski
2008 Robert S. Wyer and Alison Jing Xu
2007 Rita Coelho do Vale, Rik Pieters, and Marcel Zeelenberg
2006 Zhenfeng Ma, Aida Faber, and Laurette Dube
2005 Stephen Brown, Anthony Patterson, David Luna, and Hyeong Min Kim
2003 Ozlem Sandikci and Gokcen Coskuner
2002 Jill Klein
1999 Christopher Hsee
1998 Mark Ligas and June Cotte

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