ACR Fellow Awardees

2019 Bill Bearden, Chris Janiszewski and Linda Price 
2018  Punam Anand Keller, Richard Lutz and Debbie Roedder-John
2017 Debbie MacInnis, Jagdish Sheth and Craig Thompson
2016 Barbara Kahn, CW Park and Alice Tybout
2013 Eric Johnson and Itamar Simonson
2010 Joseph Alba, John G. Lynch, Jr. and Brian Sternthal
2007 Don Lehmann and Kent Monroe
1998 Peter Wright
1995 Elizabeth Hirschman
1994 Russell W. Belk, Morris Holbrook and Jacob Jacoby
1993 Richard P. Bagozzi
1992 James R. Bettman
1991 Paul Green and Joseph Newman
1990 Gerald Zaltman
1986 Everett M. Rogers
1985 Harold H. Kassarjian and William D. Wells
1982 Robert Ferber
1981 George Katona and Sidney J. Levy
1980 James. F. Engel and John A. Howard
Note that the year listed is the year the award was actually given at ACR and the year in which the Fellows gave their address (it was announced the year before).