ACR Early Career Award

Established in 2010, this award recognized contributions to consumer research by someone who received his/her Ph.D. within the last eight years. Each year, a panel of three ACR members is appointed by the ACR President to serve as a selection committee. The panel solicits nominations from the ACR membership and selects one or more recipients of the award for their scholarly contributions to the field of consumer research. Criteria used to determine contribution include innovation, methodological rigor, and the potential to substantially advance our understanding of consumer behavior. The winner receives a plaque and a financial award. 


2022Peggy Liu
2021Abigail Sussman
2020Jordan Etkin
2019Keisha Cutright and Stephen A Spiller
2018 Philip Fernbach
2017 Jeff Galak
2016Cassie Mogilner Holmes
Vladas Griskevicius and Juliano Laran 
2014Nidhi Agrawal (University of Washington)
2013Kelly Haws and and Cait Lamberton
Jonah Berger
2011Eduardo Andrade
2010Jennifer Argo and Kristin Diehl

Stephen A Spiller 

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