2023 ACR Award Winners Announced

2024 Fellow Award - Robert Kozinets - University of Southern California


2024 Distinguished Service Award - Julie Ozanne - University of Melbourne


Early Career Award - Alixandra Barasch - University of Colorado Boulder


Simonson Mentorship Award - John G. Lynch Jr. - University of Colorado Boulder


ACR-Sheth Foundation Long Term Contribution Award - “The Behavioral Consequences of Service Quality

Len Berry

A. Parsu Parasuraman

Valarie Zeithaml


ACR Dissertation Awards  

Public Policy

  • Nitisha Tomar - “Ludic Publics - Exploring Ludic Consumption’s Potential for Civic Engagement” University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Mengchen Zheng - “Failing at Leisure: Pursuing Hobbies in an All-or-Nothing Culture” Boston University


  • Musa Essa - “Marketplace inclusivity and accessibility for people with disabilities” University of Bologna, Rotterdam School of Management

Public Policy and Inclusivity:

  • Annie Ding - “Fact or Opinion: Investigating the Effect of Headlines on Online Engagement for Racial Justice” Ivey Business School-Western University


Best Working Paper-  “Lagging Behind: The Insidious Effects of Brief Internet Delays on Consumer Engagement”

Asaf Mazar - University of Pennsylvania

Geoff Tomaino - University of Florida

Ziv Carmon - INSEAD

Angela Duckworth - University of Pennsylvania

Wendy Wood - University of Southern California


Nicosia Best Paper Award - “Value-creating processes of past-themed marketing and consumption”

Christian Dam - University of Gothenburg

Benjamin J. Hartmann - University of Gothenburg

Katja H. Brunk - Europa-Universität Viadrina


Best Film - “Face Value”

Russell Belk - York University

Lena Cavusoglu - Pacific University


Best First Time Film - “A Death Like No Other: The Lived Experience of COVID-19 Bereavement

Lynn Sudbury-Riley - University of Liverpool

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