Applying to TCR 2023 Track 1: Statement of Research Vision

We invite you to submit a 300-to-500-word statement of your research vision and how it aligns with the focus of the track you are applying to. TCR work calls for bold and innovative research ideas rather than incremental insights, which your submission is encouraged to reflect. For example, new theories, substantive questions, and methods and implementation strategies would be examples of creative thinking. Or, you might offer insights from other fields or identify intersections of thought that are generative. Given the goal of transformative research is to use theoretically driven research to solve practical problems, preference is given to those ideas most likely to increase consumer well-being.

You may submit a research vision to only one track. Please include evidence of your sustained interest in at least one aspect of the social problem, such as recent publications, a grant, practical experience, or any other support. Clearly, junior researchers would not be expected to have the same level of sustained experience as more senior researchers. 


Doctoral students should also submit a 300-to-500-word statement of research vision that will be evaluated using different criteria. Doctoral candidates should ask their advisors to provide a brief cover letter that confirms the student’s stage in the doctoral program; this letter should be either submitted as part of your application or sent by the advisor to the track point of contact noting in the subject line that this email relates to your application to the track (noting your full name). Preference will be given to doctoral candidates who have demonstrated some sustained interest in the social problem, such as working on the social problem for their thesis, presenting a conference paper, or other work experience in the area.

Note: Unlike other conferences where a collection of authors submit a paper, applicants to this conference apply as a single individual. An individual who is accepted to the conference may not bring a colleague, assistant, or co-author. Each person is submitting a request to participate in the dialogical conversation and project—these are personal visions and evidence of personal commitment.


Submission deadline is November 30, 2022.  Statements of research vision should be submitted via email to the track chair indicated as contact in the track description.


Decision notification will be communicated by the conference co-chairs w/c January 16, 2023


Thank you for your interest in TCR!

Martina Hutton, Aronté Bennett and Eva Kipnis (TCR2023 co-chairs)


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