Special Issue on Morality and Consumption at JACR

Morality, or people’s often intuitive sense of right and wrong, pervades everyday life. The fields of philosophy, psychology, and sociology have spent decades examining how people’s moral beliefs can inform religious identities, social norms, legal frameworks, and political ideologies. Yet, despite the importance of morality in shaping human behavior, it is only recently that this topic has attracted the attention of consumer researchers. 

Of late, researchers have started examining how consumers make moral tradeoffs in their consumption decisions—for example, whether to buy an expensive product that protects the environment or a cheaper one that saves them money. Researchers have also begun to examine how firms’ actions—unfair pricing decisions, branding activities that perpetuate social discrimination, corporations that espouse a social cause—evoke moral judgments, which in turn shape consumer behavior. Against this backdrop, the central goal of this JACR issue is to bring together novel research that advances the understanding of how morality shapes consumption, be it consumers’ moral actions or their moral responses to firms’ actions.


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