ACR Conference 2021 -  October 28 - 31, 2021

2021 ACR Conference website:

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This conference will be virtual. It will be a renewal of our community with a few new twists to spark conversations in service of professional growth and to benefit from our diversity. There will be both synchronous and asynchronous sessions to provoke intellectual exchange as well as to connect and expand our community such as with:


-       Pre-conference Forums

-       Special Sessions, Thematic Roundtables & Working Paper Sessions

-       Film Festival

-       Globe Trotting

-       Colleague Confabs

-       Newcomer Celebration


We believe this is a time for our field to consider how we can more fully engage with compelling problems to develop useful theories. It is our hope that ACR 2021 will be an opportunity for scholars across methodological approaches, paradigms, and research interests to congregate and focus on research questions that address what the world needs now.


Accordingly, we encourage submissions that embody the spirit of consumer research as informing and contributing pragmatic and innovative solutions to important issues in the world. We hope to see cutting-edge, multi-method, and interdisciplinary submissions reflecting this conference theme. We provide some examples below:


  • Racism: A forum discussion including scholars from economics, psychology, and sociology to discuss how to promote anti-racism in research questions, research design, data collection, or representation of findings.
  • Branding: A special session exploring the role of brands in times of crisis from different theoretical lenses.
  • Climate Care: A special session or forum that explores opportunities for consumer research related to environmental issues and its influence on various areas such as marketplace experiences, rituals, or cognition and perception.
  • Collaboration: A workshop bringing together academics and practitioners from for-profit or non-profit organizations to share best practices for developing long lasting and productive partnerships.
  • Gender Identification: A special session or forum exploring the influences of gender identity on consumption.
  • Methodology: A tutorial with scholars who have successfully published multi-method articles encouraging participants to embrace methodological triangulation.
  • Privacy: A special session examining how consumers balance their own self-interests with the interests of others in contexts such as healthcare (e.g., contact tracing), civic engagement (e.g., getting out to vote), or personal technology (e.g., geolocation tracking).
  • Protests: A special session that examines protest traditions and intended outcomes, including those related to marketplace or social issues.
  • Self-care: A panel, special session, or forum that considers how individuals can more fully manage their personal and professional lives for productive outcomes.
  • Wisdom: A knowledge forum, special session, or panel discussion that integrates a broader set of issues—environment, capitalism, social justice—that provides an opportunity to generate new insights.


These are just suggestions that we hope will inspire ACR members to embrace an ethos of innovation and pragmatism for crafting novel submissions for our time together in the Fall.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Your ACR 2021 Conference Co-Chairs,

~Tonya Williams Bradford, University of California, Irvine

~Anat Keinan, Boston University

~Matt Thomson, Western University

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