Call for Papers - Journal of the Association for Consumer Research - Volume 7, Issue 2

Editorial Timeline
Deadline for Initial Submission: January 1, 2021
Deadline for Final Manuscripts: December 15, 2021

A political ideology is a collection of philosophical ideals, principles and doctrines that provide a basis for interpreting and evaluating the morality and appropriateness of one’s own and others’ behavior and social policies, as well as the agencies that promote them. Although many ideologies exist (anarchism, communism, fascism, etc.), the most dominant in America are conservatism and liberalism. The values that characterize these ideologies have changed over time. Conservatism is generally characterized by a preference for tradition, a desire for stability, individualism and free enterprise. Liberalism is characterized by a concern with social and economic equality, freedom of speech and human rights. Further, people subscribing to one ideology or another have been shown to differ on traits such as need for closure, openness, cognitive flexibility, risk aversion, etc. For more information click here.

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