ACR members are invited to send nominations for the 2020 Fellow in Consumer Behavior Award to the Fellows Nominating Committee. The Committee will consider nominations from the members plus any other names the Committee adds to the list. From that list of nominees, the Committee forwards a subset of nominations to the ACR Board of Directors.  The ACR Board of Directors then chooses up to three Fellows for that year. ACR Fellows are designated annually.

The ACR Fellow award is based on scholarly contributions regardless of the contributor’s race, gender or preferred paradigm. It is hoped that the candidates reflect the diversity of contributions made by ACR’s broad membership. Service contributions are appreciated but are not the focus of this award. (A separate award has been established for long-term service to ACR.)

Nominees should have received their PhD at least 20 years ago. They should have been members of ACR for a substantial number of years, and they must still be living.  Nominees should have shaped the field of consumer behavior and furthered the interests of ACR in significant ways. These are likely to include, though not limited to, several of the following: 
  1. Developed a significant body of scholarly work and sustained influence on the field of consumer behavior.
  2. Contributed theoretical or methodological innovations that have a continuing influence
  3. Authored highly cited works that have a major and ongoing impact
  4. Developed research-based programs that improve consumers’ quality of life in lasting and important ways through innovations in scholarship, policy, or practice.
  5. Advanced excellent scholarship through service as a journal editor.
  6. Advanced doctoral education through mentorship and service.
Nominations must be in the form of a letter, up to a MAXIMUM of two pages in length, outlining the major reasons why you think your nominee meets the very high standard for the award. The letter should certify that the nominee is unaware of your actions in nominating him or her for the award to ensure confidentiality, and should describe your relationship to the nominee (e.g., co-author, colleague).  Including a copy of the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae is strongly recommended, as long as you can provide one without the candidate’s knowledge of what you plan to use it for. Nominees not selected in one year may be re-nominated in subsequent years. However, a new nomination is necessary each year. Current members of ACR’s Board of Directors and Fellows Nominating Committee are not eligible for the award.

 Fellows and the year they received the award are:
1. James F. Engel (1980)
2. John A. Howard (1980)
3. George Katona (1981)
4. Sidney Levy (1981)
5. Robert Ferber (1982)
6. William D. Wells (1985)
7. Harold H. Kassarjian (1985)
8. Everett Rogers (1986)
9. Gerald Zaltman (1990)
10. Joseph Newman (1991)
11. Paul Green (1991)
12. James R. Bettman (1992)
13. Richard Bagozzi (1993)
14. Russell W. Belk (1994)
15. Morris B. Holbrook (1994)
16. Jacob Jacoby (1994)
17. Elizabeth Hirschman (1995)
18. Peter Wright (1998)
19. Donald R. Lehmann (2007)
20. Kent Monroe (2007)
21. Brian Sternthal (2010)
22. Joseph W. Alba (2010)
23. John G. Lynch, Jr. (2010)
24. Eric Johnson (2013)
25. Itamar Simonson (2013)
26. Barbara Kahn (2016) 
27. C.W. Park (2016) 
28. Alice Tybout (2016) 
29. Debbie Macinnis (2017) 
30. Jagdish Sheth (2017) 
31. Craig Thompson (2017) 
32. Deborah Roedder John (2018) 
33. Punam Anand Keller (2018) 
34. Richard J. Lutz (2018) 
35. Bill Bearden (2019)
36. Chris Janiszewski (2019)
37. Linda Price (2019)

The Fellows Nominating Committee consists of four persons: the Chair, appointed by the current ACR President, and the three immediate Past Presidents of ACR who agree to participate. This year the committee consists of Richard Lutz, appointed chair, and Mary Frances Luce, Margaret C. Campbell, and Stacy Wood, the three immediate Past Presidents of ACR.

If the Fellows Nominating Committee feels that the pool of nominees submitted by the membership is not adequate in size, quality, or scope, it is the role of the committee and its members, jointly and individually, to nominate additional scholars who meet the above criteria. The goal is to provide a broad and excellent pool of nominees from whom to select, so that scholars representing multiple research paradigms and multiple backgrounds can be considered.

Deadline: August 19, 2019.  If you have a nominee for the Fellow Award, your nominating letter must reach Richard Lutz by August 19, 2019.  Electronic submission of the nominating letter and nominee’s CV is strongly preferred.

Email: richard.lutz@warrington.ufl.edu

Regular Mail: Richard Lutz, University of Florida, Warrington College of Business, Marketing Department, Stuzin Hall 267A, PO Box 117155, Gainesville, FL 32611

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