Mid Career Workshop: Embracing Duality in our Lives

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the exciting period right up to tenure and the pathways that open up after tenure. As such, we define mid-career as faculty from about two years away from tenure to about two years after tenure. It is a time when we ask the question: ‘Who am I? And where am I headed?” The answer to this question is often complicated: untenured faculty try to manage the tenure process and tenured ones try to assess new opportunities, such as increasing the breadth of their research, expanding their teaching portfolio, considering external options, mentoring PhD students, and taking on administrative roles. This is an exhilarating but also a challenging time. Thus, embracing duality in our lives is a way forward.

This workshop will include live plenary sessions with a Q&A as well as round-tables in break-out rooms. Multiple sessions will be held during the day to address faculty in different time zones around the world.

For more information about the workshop, please contact co-chairs Simona Botti (sbotti@london.edu), Sonia Monga (smonga@business.rutgers.edu) or Americus Reed (amreed@wharton.upenn.edu). 

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