Roundtables are designed to bring together scholars who are interested in a particular theoretical, substantive, or methodological issue. Roundtable discussions will showcase recent advances, summarize current discussions, and stimulate new research directions relevant to the focal issue.

Submission Guidelines (https://acr2023.exordo.com/

In addition to the items under “General Guidelines,” Roundtable Proposals should include:

  1. Title. This is the title that will be published in the conference program.

  2. Abstract (50-words). This abstract will be published in the conference program and should describe the theoretical, substantive, or methodological issue to be discussed during the session.

  3. Authors (Organizers). Provide name, email address and affiliation for each of the primary organizers of the session. Please indicate whether each organizer will serve as corresponding author, presenter or both.

  4. Roundtable proposal:

    1. Panelists. Provide the names and affiliations of the panelists who have agreed to take part in the session if it is accepted. As a rule of thumb, a roundtable should have between 8-12 panelists other than the roundtable organizer.

    2. Extended abstract (750 to 1000 words). The extended abstract should explain the theoretical, substantive, or methodological issue to be discussed during the session, describe the objective of the session (e.g., proposing future research avenues on a topic, debating a new data analysis or data collection method, stimulating interest in a JACR special issue, etc.), and provide a brief description of how the discussion will be facilitated, both prior to and at the conference.

  5. Honor code statements. At the time of submission, you will be asked to make the following pledges: (a) that the proposal being submitted represents accurately the state of prior research on the topic, and (b) that the proposal submitted to the conference is your own original work. Please confirm (a) that the presenting authors are not listed as a presenter in more than two sessions in total, and (b) that the proposal has not been submitted as part of another session, or previously presented at ACR, and has not been published or accepted for publication in any journal (including online publications and ACR Proceedings).


Roundtable proposals will be evaluated based on the quality and rigor of the discussion proposed, potential to generate interest among a wider audience, and demonstrated preparedness for a well-attended and stimulating session. The proposal should include a brief description of how discussion will be facilitated, both prior to and at the conference, and the broader audience that the roundtable aims to attract.

When appropriate, preference will be given to proposals that a) bring together researchers from different theoretical perspectives and/ or employ diverse methodologies, and b) proposals that focus on the conference theme of Spreading Good … Well.



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