2020 Guidelines to Submit a Competitive Paper


Papers representing completed research and dealing with substantive, methodological, or theoretical consumer research issues are invited as Competitive Paper submissions. Submission of conceptual and review papers are also encouraged.  

In addition to the items under “General Guidelines,” Competitive Papers must include (NOTE: Initial submission should be a de-identified PDF file and final submission of accepted papers must be in MS Word format):
  1. Paper title (the title page should not identify the author(s) names or affiliations).

  2. A 50-word abstract. This abstract will be reproduced in the conference program and should concentrate on the big picture contribution(s) of the paper. 

  3. A 2500-word paper (12-point Times New Roman, 1-inch margins). The paper must include full references, a single table summarizing all results, and up to one figure (optional). The paper should not identify the author(s) or their affiliations. The 2500-word limit will be strictly enforced. References, table, and optional figure are not included in the word limit.

  4. An honor code statement indicating (a) that the presenting author is not listed as a presenter in more than two sessions in total, and (b) that the submission has not been submitted to multiple tracks, has not been previously presented at ACR, and has not been published or accepted for publication in any journal (including online publications and full-paper publications in conference proceedings).
Submissions should comprise a brief introduction explaining what the research question is, why it is important, and how it fits with and advances current knowledge. Detailed descriptions of the studies and the data should follow, and a brief general discussion should list limitations and highlight why (and to whom) the findings make a difference. Descriptions of the method and analysis used in each study should be transparent. The fact that there is a word limit does not imply that fewer studies, weaker data, or obscure details are acceptable. Empirical results must be summarized in a single table/page.

Authors have two publishing options for a Competitive Paper:
  • Option 1: Publish the full paper in the ACR Proceedings. Authors choosing Option 1 must upload a 50-word abstract and the 2500-word paper for review (pdf format),  along with references, one table summarizing the results, and one figure (optional). Choosing this option implies that, if accepted, the paper will not be submitted for publication elsewhere. Final accepted submission will need to be uploaded in MS Word format for inclusion in the 2020 conference proceedings. 
  • Option 2: If authors wish to submit their accepted paper elsewhere for publication, they will be required to publish a 750 to 1000-word abstract in the ACR Proceedings. This abstract is not required upon original submission, rather authors of accepted papers will be asked to submit their extended abstract to the submission system by early-July in a MS Word format..
Note: Competitive Papers submission pdf files should not include authors’ names or affiliations. Author names, affiliations, and presenter’s name should only be entered on the submission website where specified. Submissions should follow the current style sheet of the Journal of Consumer Research (http://www.ejcr.org/stylesheet.pdf), though the entire text should be single-spaced. Subheadings should be bolded and/or italicized/title case capitalized, but it is unnecessary to add a hard return before or after them.

Competitive Paper Evaluation: Reviewing will be blind. Evaluation will be based on
a) the quality of the research and novelty of findings;
b) theoretical/empirical contribution;
c) clarity of presentation;
d) completeness of the research.

Authors of accepted papers are required to revise their paper/abstract based on reviewers’ comments and upload their final paper (proposal) as a MS Word file by the end of Wednesday, July 15, 2020. It is important to edit the references to reflect the citations remaining in the final 750 to 1000-word abstract if authors have opted for Option 2 in publishing. The most recent version submitted by this date will be published “as is” in the 2020 ACR Proceedings.

It is the author’s responsibility to make sure that the submission is completed on time. Please adhere to high standards of spelling and grammar and consider having a copy editor or a native English speaker review the abstract prior to submission.

ACR reserves the right to run the submission through anti-plagiarism software.

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