2020 General Submission Guidelines

2020 ACR Virtual Conference Program (pdf) with links

Complete Call for Papers Packet



2020 ACR Presenting Author Instructions for Recording Presentations

All authors must adhere to the following honor code: 

  • ACR endorses ethical standards for research conduct.
  • At the time of submission, you will be asked: a) to indicate whether your research received an approval or a waiver from your Institutional Review Board (IRB), and b) if it did not, to explain why no such waiver or approval was obtained. At the time of submission, you will also be asked to make the following pledges: 1) that the research paper, session, or poster represents accurately the data that you collected for this research project, 2) that the research submitted to the conference is your own original work, and 3) that you understand that the research submitted may be run through anti-plagiarism software.
  • A particular paper may only be submitted to one track.
  • Submitting authors should specify presenters for papers being considered for Special Sessions or Competitive Paper presentations. Any author may be listed as a presenter for no more than two submissions, but may be listed as co-author on multiple submissions. This restriction is to encourage authors to submit their best work and to allow a wider range of presenters.
  • Do not submit a paper that has been published, or accepted for publication, at the time of submission (including online publications and full papers published in conference proceedings). Submitting authors should monitor this issue carefully.
  • Submissions should not include content that has been presented at any earlier ACR conferences. Again, submitting authors should monitor this issue carefully.
  • Submissions should adhere to the word and page limits.


Submission procedures are as follows:

  • All submission-related activities (submissions, reviews, and notifications) will be electronic, through the conference submission website https://z.umn.edu/acr2020 
  • All users must sign in and update their user profile or create a new user profile by following the online instructions
  • Once you have registered as a user, you may submit a paper or a proposal by clicking on the appropriate link and following the instructions.



All submissions require the following information:

  1. Type: Competitive Paper, Film Festival, Knowledge Forum, Special Session, or Working Paper.
  2. Primary Contact Information: Name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number, and email address for the author who serves as the primary contact.
  3. Content Area Codes and Methodological Area Codes: Please review all of the options before making your choice. Select codes that provide the best match to your work because they are critical for assigning reviewers.


Additional submission information:

  • IMPORTANT - Submission format: Initial submission (“proposal upload”) should be in pdf format – DO NOT include author names or affiliations in this pdf document.  Final accepted submissions (“proposal upload”) for the conferenced proceedings, should be in MS Word format and include all authors and affiliations.
  • Make sure you use consistent author and co-author information in every submission. Please check with your co-authors about how they want to be listed for official publication purposes. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS. The database will consider Drew Blank, Drew A. Blank, and Drew Avery Blank as three different authors, and may result in a program that has Drew presenting at the same time in different rooms!
  • We suggest that you use copy and paste as you work with the relevant submission fields. If you compose online, you risk losing work should there be an interruption to your browser session. 
  • The primary contact person ("submitting author")  will automatically receive an email of acknowledgement of the submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours after submission (please also check your spam folder), send an email inquiry to acrparis2020@gmail.com.
  • For accepted submissions, submitting authors will be required to sign an electronic copyright release form upon  submitting their final proposal in a MS Word format with author names and affiliations.


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