1) How should I submit my work to ACR 2022?
Please refer to the Call for Papers for guidelines and submit your work via the ExOrdo submission website, https://acr2022.exordo.com/.

2) When is the submission deadline?
Monday, April 4, 2022, 23:59 EST (Eastern Standard Time) is the submission Deadline for all tracks and sessions. 

3) What if I have questions about my submission?
Please refer to the Call for Papers for detailed guidelines for each of the submission types. Film Festival related questions should be directed to the Film Festival Co-Chairs: Finola Kerrigan (f.kerrigan@fashion.arts.ac.uk) or Eric Li (eric.li@ubc.ca). Please include “ACR FILM  FESTIVAL” in the subject line. Questions about all other submission types should be directed to ACR2022Denver@gmail.com.

4) How do I ensure that the pdf I submit does not include identifying information?
To make sure your pdf is de-identified, please open the pdf and check the document properties (from the File menu, choose Properties). Under the Description tab, you may see information in the Title or Author fields. If there is information in these fields, please delete it and save the file. In addition, please check to be sure you have not used the names of the authors as part of the file name.  

5) What should I do if I experience problems with the ExOrdo submission website?
Please log out and log back in. Under Submissions, click on Initial Submissions to see whether your submission has been saved. Click on your submission and choose Edit to keep working on your submission. You will be able to walk through each of the submission steps again. If you continue to experience problems, please see the ExOrdo homepage (lower right) under the heading "NEED HELP?" or send an email inquiry to ACR2022Denver@gmail.com.  

6) What if I do not receive an acknowledgement email confirming my submission?
 If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours after submission (please also check your spam folder), send an email inquiry to ACR2022Denver@gmail.com

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