Single Paper Meta-Analysis: Benefits For Study Summary, Theory-Testing, and Replicability

Meta-analysis is a well-established statistical technique that synthesizes two or more studies of a common phenomenon. Because multiple studies provide more information about the common phenomenon than any single one of them, meta-analysis can offer a number of benefits. For example, insofar as the studies measure the common phenomenon with some degree of error, a meta-analysis, which pools the results from the studies via a weighted average, will yield an estimate that is on average more accurate than that of any individual study. In addition, the uncertainty in the meta-analytic estimate will typically be smaller than the uncertainty in the estimate of any individual study thereby inter alia increasing statistical power relative to individual studies and providing a means of resolution when individual studies yield so-called conflicting results. Further, meta-analysis allows for the investigation of differences among studies, for example by quantifying the impact of study- level covariates or the degree of between-study variation.


Blakeley B. McShane and Ulf Bockenholt (2017) ,"Single Paper Meta-Analysis: Benefits For Study Summary, Theory-Testing, and Replicability", in LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 4, eds. Enrique P. Becerra, Ravindra Chitturi, and Maria Cecilia Henriquez Daza and Juan Carlos Londoño Roldan, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 1-4.


Blakeley B. McShane, Northwestern University, USA
Ulf Bockenholt, Northwestern University, USA


LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 4 | 2017

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