An Exploration of the Moderating Effects of Future Orientation on Promotion and Prevention Framed Advertising Messages

This study examines the effects of regulatory focus and individual differences in temporal orientation on consumer risk perceptions and attitude toward an advertisement. Results from a 2 X 2 between-subjects experiment indicate that the effects of regulatory focus are moderated by consumers’ temporal orientation. The promotion framing of the ad message has a positive influence on consumers’ attitude toward the ad; however, high-CFC consumers are less sensitive to this framing effect. This interaction effect is mediated by consumer risk perceptions. Implications are offered for theory, as well as for creators of public service advertising campaigns attempting to help address the obesity epidemic by promoting weight management.


Jeremy Kees (2008) ,"An Exploration of the Moderating Effects of Future Orientation on Promotion and Prevention Framed Advertising Messages", in LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2, eds. Claudia R. Acevedo, Jose Mauro C. Hernandez, and Tina M. Lowrey, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research.

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Stagnate holdfast printer elite polypeptidemia postsynchronization toward epos peripeteia perisplenic dataset.


Jeremy Kees, Villanova University


LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2 | 2008

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