Sub-Branding Effects on Brand Extension Evaluations By Children and Adults

In this research we demonstrate that 12-year-old children, relative to adult consumers, evaluate brand extensions in a more piecemeal fashion that is more heavily influenced by the type of name used to launch the extension. In Experiment 1, when the extension included a rhyming sub-brand name, adults rated near brand extensions more favorably than far or very far brand extensions; children rated near and far extensions favorably and only very far extensions were rated poorly. Experiment 2 manipulated the meaningfulness of the sub-brand name. When the sub-brand name was meaningful, adults rated near and far extensions favorably and only very far extensions were not favorable. Children, on the other hand, rated all extensions favorably. The results are consistent with a model that assumes that adults use category-based processing and children use a piecemeal processing when evaluating brand extensions.


Sanjay Sood and Shi Zhang (2008) ,"Sub-Branding Effects on Brand Extension Evaluations By Children and Adults", in LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2, eds. Claudia R. Acevedo, Jose Mauro C. Hernandez, and Tina M. Lowrey, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research.

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Sanjay Sood, UCLA, USA
Shi Zhang, UCLA, USA


LA - Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2 | 2008

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