Consumer Meaning and Identity Production and Consumer Research-Issues of Literacy, Gender and Identity

Taking off from developments in semiotics and discourses on interpretive communities, and reinforced by the interpretivist research findings in the discipline itself, it has recently become quite fashionable in consumer research to talk about meaning-producing consumers. Often the argument is that consumers, who encounter brands, images, advertisements, and other marketing products in the market, engage in a conversation with the signs emanating from such things and construct distinct meanings of their own. Especially when members of consumer collectives, such as those called brand communities or subcultures, encounter products of marketing they are said to manipulate and, at times, subvert the meanings intended to be transmitted or relayed by marketers, thus taking ownership of the meanings that they consume.


Fuat Firat (2005) ,"Consumer Meaning and Identity Production and Consumer Research-Issues of Literacy, Gender and Identity", in E - European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 7, eds. Karin M. Ekstrom and Helene Brembeck, Goteborg, Sweden : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 530-532.


Fuat Firat, University of Southern Denmark


E - European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 7 | 2005

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