Carolyn Yoon, University of Michigan
Carolyn Yoon, University of Michigan

Carolyn Yoon is Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. She received her PhD from Duke University. Carolyn’s research focuses on understanding psychological and neural mechanisms underlying judgment and decision processes across the lifespan in consumer and socio-cultural contexts. Her research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Psychological Science. Carolyn currently is as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Research and serves on Editorial Review Boards at multiple journals, including the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology.  At the Ross School of Business, she is the Ph.D. Program Coordinator for the Marketing area, and has been a recipient of the Ph.D. Teaching Excellence Award.  She teaches consumer behavior and marketing management to undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral students.  She received the Journal of Consumer Research Best Paper Award in 2008, and was named a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science in 2011.

Carolyn has been an active member of the Association for Consumer Research community since she was a doctoral student, serving as a presenter, roundtable participant, special session organizer, competitive paper reviewer, program committee member and Doctoral Symposium faculty participant.  She was Co-Chair (along with Kristin Diehl) of the North American ACR conference in New Orleans in 2015.  She has also co-organized a number of other annual meetings including the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience, Consumer Neuroscience Satellite Symposium, and the Summer Institute in Cultural Neuroscience.  Carolyn is proud to be part of the diverse community of consumer researchers and is a strong advocate of an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge generation.  She wishes to contribute to the ACR community by continuing to support the diverse set of activities that engage both new and existing members, while at the same time promoting efforts that facilitate greater inclusivity.

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  • Aging Consumers
  • Cognition
  • Cross-Cultural Research
  • Memory
  • Nonconscious Processing
  • Neuroscience

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