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Stacy Wood, NC State
Stacy Wood, NC State

Stacy Wood is the Langdon Distinguished University Professor of Marketing at the Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University. Her research focuses on innovation and the psychology of consumer and marketplace change; with such an expansive topic, these interests are necessarily broad and include: individual change behavior (e.g., consumer learning of new information, use of innovation mindsets, and forecasts of future emotions), social or marketplace change (e.g., new product adoption, new media/channels such as user-generated content or e-commerce, and cultural meaning in trends such as reality television), and innovative methods (e.g., biological metrics and decision neuroscience).

This has led to a strong belief in the importance of promoting multiple methods of inquiry—she is the author of papers that use a diversity of research traditions, including psychology-based experiments, quantitative modeling, CCT, and fMRI analysis—and the incredible value that this spectrum of creative conversations lends to our interdisciplinary field.  Universities are fond of the word “interdisciplinary” but few fields live it day-to-day in the way consumer researchers do.  Stacy has published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Retailing, and Journal of Product Innovation Management. She is the recipient of major research awards such as the 1997 H. Paul Root Award, the 2005 Louis W. Stern Award, and runner-up for the 2010 Park Prize. She currently serves as a member of the editorial review board of the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Research. Stacy received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 1998 and considers herself lucky to have had two extraordinary co-chairs in John Lynch and Joe Alba who were generous, encouraging, elevating,and humbling. 

Stacy attended her first Association for Consumer Research conference as a first-year doctoral student in 1994 and has rarely missed a conference since, participating either as a presenter, discussant, reviewer, special session organizer, round-table organizer, or program committee member. From the beginning, ACR has been a highlight of the year, a gathering of the tribe, a chance to have fun and think deep thoughts over the coffee and pastries. She served as the ACR Doctoral Symposium co-chair, together with David Wooten, in 2009 and became passionately interested in the well-being of new scholars.  In 2014, Stacy was honored to be co-chair, together with June Cotte, of the Baltimore ACR conference—here the theme was “serious fun,” with the idea that our enjoyment of our field and our colleagues fuels both the creative scope and the necessary rigor of our work. 

There are two issues that are dear to Stacy’s heart and both can benefit from the lens and the channel that ACR provides.  The first is the field’s efforts to facilitate the professional health of doctoral students and new scholars.  The second is the need for the field to do a better job of sharing our work and insights with broader audiences (e.g., other fields, corporations, government/policy-makers, popular press). Interestingly, it may be that these two needs can serve each other—as we learn how to excite the outside world’s interest in our work by translating it better, more opportunities (especially interdisciplinary opportunities) for professional growth, publication, and funding become possible for our increasing number of colleagues around the globe.  With more opportunities, there will be more (and different) paths to tenure and academic success than have traditionally been available. The work that ACR does now (and could do in the future) for these two issues is key to the field growing in a strong, positive, and sustainable way.

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Position’s Duties and Responsibilities

 The Past President participates in and votes on all matters put to the ACR Board of Directors, chairs the Nominations Committee for members of the ACR Board of Directors, appoints two or more members to serve on the Nominations Committee, and serves as a member of the Sheth Long-Term Contribution award (awarded every three years, 2008, 2011, etc.). At the North American Conference, the Past-President attends the Board of Directors Meeting,introduces the President, and presents the Presidential Plaque at the ACR Conference.