ACR Past President

Jeff Inman, University of Pittsburgh

Jeff Inman is the Albert Wesley Frey Professor of Marketing at the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. He has also served on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Southern California. His research focuses on consumer decision-making, particularly in the contexts of food consumption and in-store decisions. He has also published several articles on consumer regret. Jeff's work has appeared in many of the field's top journals, including JCR, JMR, JM, and JCP.

Jeff has been actively involved with ACR throughout his career, including chairing special sessions at conferences, co-chairing the 2001 ACR Doctoral Student Symposium, and co-chairing the 2009 ACR North American Conference in Pittsburgh. He is also past-president of the JCR Policy Board. He is an associate editor at JMR and is on the editorial board of JCR, JMR, JM, Marketing Science, JCP, and JR. He recently chaired the proposal competition on shopper marketing co-sponsored by ACR and MSI.

The mission of ACR as stated on the website is "to advance consumer research and facilitate the exchange of scholarly information among members of academia, industry, and government worldwide. This mission is reflected in the ACR logo which symbolizes the three interest groups, the members of academia, industry and government, whose scholarly exchange and collaboration reflect the essence of ACR." While ACR has done a great job in facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research among members of academia, participation in ACR by members of industry and government has eroded to an alarmingly low level. Jeff feels that its strong academic research tradition puts ACR in a perfect position to objectively inform industry and government on important issues and will make it a priority to invigorate these key constituencies' participation in the association. Jeff will solicit input in examining a variety of avenues, such as tracks at the major conferences, mini-conferences, collaboration with organizations like MSI, and targeted newsletters for increasing industry and government involvement with ACR.

Phone: 412-648-1570


Position’s Duties and Responsibilities

 The Past President participates in and votes on all matters put to the ACR Board of Directors, chairs the Nominations Committee for members of the ACR Board of Directors, appoints two or more members to serve on the Nominations Committee, and serves as a member of the Sheth Long-Term Contribution award (awarded every three years, 2008, 2011, etc.). At the North American Conference, the Past-President attends the Board of Directors Meeting,introduces the President, and presents the Presidential Plaque at the ACR Conference.