Help us to Help Publicize Your Transformative Consumer Research

In recent years ACR has made a conscious effort to see more promotion of the work its members do. As part of this effort Becky Gaylord and Ekant Veer have been appointed as Communications Manager and Coordinator to more effectively disseminate the work we do into the mainstream media. This dissemination not only allows greater knowledge of the work we do, but also increases the impact of our research on consumers' lives.

Naturally, there are some projects that would be more suitable to a press release than others. In particular, research that has strong, definite conclusions that lead to a change in consumption patterns or research that is counter-intuitive to what one would expect are more likely to receive media attention. In addition, research that is closely linked to a timely event, such as breaking news stories, or upcoming events is also popular. For example, research that helps to understand how eating patterns impact health would be particularly popular in the lead up to Thanksgiving or Christmas. While research that helps understand how subsistence consumers adapt to forced change would be particularly useful given the increase in refugees currently relocating in Africa and Middle East.

Becky and Ekant would love to see more exposure of our research, especially given the high social impact of the research carried out by TCR researchers. Sharing your research not only improves the profile of you as a researcher but also increases credibility of the research, TCR and ACR as a wider group. If you have any questions or feel you have a piece of research that may benefit from a press release, please contact Ekant in the first instance at