Transformative Consumer Research Teaching Resources


(25 January 2012)

The ACR Advisory Committee on Transformative Consumer Research is pleased to announce the launching of a TCR teaching resources site.  On this site researchers can access and supply materials related to teaching TCR (e.g., cases, exercises, slides, syllabi, etc.).

The TCR teaching resources site is here:

Anyone can download files from this site.  The instructions for uploading materials are detailed on the homepage of this site as follows:

How to Post Materials to This Site

There are two ways to post materials to this site:

1) Email the materials to Professor Mimi Morrin at:
    Please mention in your email:

    a) the title or topic area of the item to be posted
    b) a very brief description of the item's content
    c) the web address for the item, if relevant
    d) the type of material you are sending (is it a syllabus, reading, or case?).
    e) indicate that you are complying with the Posting Guidelines (stated on the site)


2) Obtain temporary posting privileges at this site

    Send an email to Professor Mimi Morrin at: indicating you would like to have temporary privileges to upload files here. You will then be sent an email indicating you have been granted the ability to upload files at this site for a temporary period of time. This is especially useful if you have several files to upload.  Then, to upload files, simply go the appropriate page (Syllabi, Readings, or Cases) and upload your file(s) where it says "Attachments."