Remembering Terry Bristol

Dr. Terry Bristol, associate professor (marketing) at Arizona State University’s West campus passed away in his sleep on November 7, 2006. To me, he was a great colleague, a wonderful friend and one of the most helpful persons I have ever met in the ACR community. Many ACR members may not be fully aware of how much Terry has helped the ACR community. So, here is my attempt at describing who Terry was and what he did for ACR.

I first met Terry in August of 1991 when both of us joined Oklahoma State University as assistant professors of marketing. From 1991-1997 we worked together on multiple projects. In 1995, one evening over a drink at the local beer joint, Terry came up with the idea of hosting and operating a Listserv for ACR members from Oklahoma State University’s servers. I tried to talk him out of doing this voluntary service while trying to get tenured, but he insisted on helping the ACR community. Thus, ACR-L was born and he and I became co-owners and co-managers of ACR-L from 1995. Over the years, Terry did most of the work in the back-end ensuring that ACR-L runs smoothly for all members of ACR. I know he has personally helped numerous ACR members with subscribing to ACR-L, getting their messages posted, changing subscriptions, etc. He always did it with a smile on his face and with utmost professionalism. If I did not know better, I would have thought he was actually getting paid for it!

Good bye my friend and thank you for showing all of us what it means to give back to the ACR community through your years of dedicated service. We will miss you dearly.

Goutam Chakraborty