We invite ACR members to send nominations for the prestigious ACR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD to Ron Hill, who is serving as the Chair of the nominating committee. The full Committee will consider nominations from the membership as well as other names of persons who fit this award. From these nominees, the Committee may forward up to three persons to the ACR Board of Directors, who will then decide whether any awards should be made this year. Current members of ACR’s Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee are not eligible for the award.

The ACR Distinguished Service Award is intended to recognize the dedication and devotion of a member who has served the ACR organization with energy and generosity beyond the call of duty. Although it is intended to be as prestigious as the ACR Fellows Award, it rests on the criterion of service to ACR (as opposed to scholarship), although a person could win both awards. After the year of their selection, the award recipient will be invited to make a speech at the annual ACR conference. The ACR Distinguished Service Award is given once every 5 years.

Nominations should take the form of an email to the Chair ( giving, in a concise paragraph, reasons beyond those that are obvious from the nominee’s CV that qualify their nominee for this honor. Please put “Nomination for Distinguished Service Award” in the subject line of the email. The email should include a statement saying that the nominee is unaware of your actions in nominating him or her for the award to ensure confidentiality. The deadline for nominations is August 21, 2018.

The Distinguished Service Award Nominating Committee consists of four persons: the Chair appointed by the current ACR President, and the three immediate Past Presidents of ACR. This year the committee consists of Ron Hill, appointed chair, plus Margaret C. Campbell, Amna Kirmani, and Mary Francis Luce, the three immediate Past Presidents of ACR. The two previous winners were Keith Hunt and Don Lehmann.