ACR is now in the process of transitioning the Association for Consumer Research Listserv (ACR-L) from the Oklahoma State University’s server to the George Washington University’s server. Mansur Khamitov (ACR Communications Manager) is taking over responsibility for the leadership and management of ACR listserv and is replacing in this capacity Dr. Goutam Chakraborty whom we would like to thank for his efforts in keeping the ACR-L going for many years. Current subscribers have already been migrated from our current listserv to the new one, and the interface is all set up and ready to go. 

If you are already subscribed to the ACR-L mailing list, you do not need to do anything and you will continue to receive messages from the new listserv. You only need to visit our instructions page if and when you wish to post messages to the new listserv. ACR Communications Manager also plans to distribute a one-sheet handout at the upcoming ACR conference in October letting conferences attendees know that the listserv has moved as well as providing key instructions for the current and potential subscribers.

As a reminder, ACR-L is an electronic mailing list to discuss any topic related to consumer research. This list is a discussion group for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students working in the interdisciplinary field of consumer research. 

Please review the new ACR-L instructions webpage ( that provides key information on how to subscribe/unsubscribe, post messages, guidelines for use, etc.

Mansur Khamitov ( would be happy to answer any questions you may have or receive suggestions.