Asia-Pacific ACR 2019 - CALL FOR PROPOSALS

The ACR Board of Directors is open to proposals for hosting the 2019 ACR Asia-Pacific conference. ACR holds an Asia-Pacific conference every three years with the goal of further lowering research barriers and enhancing knowledge diffusion in consumer research. The conference is usually co-sponsored by an academic institution in the hosting Asia-Pacific country.

The proposal should include information about the co-sponsor and a detailed budget showing expected attendance, other sources of revenue (e.g., sponsorship money), registration fees, possible expenses,etc.  As much detail as possible on the location, potential hotels, potential interest to ACR members, ability to meet the conference goals of lowering research barriers and enhancing knowledge diffusion in the region would assist Board members in evaluating the proposal. In general, we expect that as a group, the conference chairs will demonstrate in the proposal, their prior commitment to ACR through sustained and active membership in the organization and a scholarly record in the domain of consumer research.

As the primary sponsor, ACR would be responsible for publishing the Proceedings of the conference for which the conference chairs will serve as editors.  $50 per attendee should be included in the budget for this purpose. The Board agreed in 2010 that International conferences may opt to print their own proceedings (or choose to go with exclusively digital proceedings) without paying ACR for publishing. However, the proceedings must typeset the Proceedings to meet ACR's rigorous publication guidelines. The conference chairs will then be responsible for giving ACR PDFs of the Proceedings typeset in thew required format for inclusion in our database and with other academic databases.

You may contact the ACR Executive Director, Rajiv Vaidyanathan ( for drafts of proposals from prior international conferences.  Your proposal may also be emailed to Rajiv at that email address for review and suggestions before it is forwarded to the ACR review Board. Please contact Rajiv as soon as possible if you intend to submit a proposal for the conference.


Finalists may have the opportunity to meet with the ACR Board at the 2017 conference in San Diego if appropriate.