2018 Call for Papers

Call for Papers PDF Download: click here!

Conference Co-Chairs
Andrew Gershoff, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas
Robert Kozinets, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Tiffany White, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois

Conference website: http://www.acrwebsite.org/go/acr18
Conference email: acrconference2018@gmail.com

All authors must adhere to the following honor code:

ACR endorses ethical standards for research conduct.

At the time of submission, you will be asked: 
a) to indicate whether your research received an approval or a waiver from your Institutional Review Board (IRB)
b) if it did not, to explain why no such waiver or approval was obtained 

At the time of submission, you will also be asked to make the following pledges:
1) that the research paper, session, or poster represents accurately the data that you collected for this research project
2) that the research submitted to the conference is your own original work
3) that you understand that the research submitted may be run through anti-plagiarism software
  • A particular paper may only be submitted to one track.

  • Authors should specify presenters for papers submitted for Special Sessions or Competitive Paper sessions. An individual may be listed as a presenter for no more than two submissions, but may be listed as co-author on multiple submissions. This restriction is to encourage authors to submit their best work and to allow a wider range of presenters.

  • Do not submit a paper that has been published, or accepted for publication, at the time of submission (including online publications and full papers published in conference proceedings). Submitting authors should monitor this issue carefully. ACR reserves the right to run the submission through anti-plagiarism software.

  • Submissions should not include content that has been presented at any earlier ACR conferences. Again, submitting authors should monitor this issue carefully.

  • Submissions should adhere to the word and page limits.