My Favorite Recipes: Recreating Emotions and Memories Through Cooking

Stacey Menzel Baker, University of Wyoming
Holli C. Karrer, National City Bank
Ann Veeck, Western Michigan University
EXTENDED ABSTRACT - Nostalgia, a yearning for the idealized past (Havlena and Holak 1991; Hirsch 1992; Holbrook 1993), can be evoked by any object (Holbrook and Schindler 2004). Food, with its ability to engage multiple senses, may be particularly effective at transporting consumers back in time. While consumers, marketers, and popular writers, including cookbook authors, connect food with nostalgia and memories, the relationship between food and nostalgia has not been studied in a scholarly fashion in the consumer research literature. This research seeks to help fill that void by exploring why consumers choose recipes as their favorites, with a particular emphasis on recipes associated with nostalgia and memories.
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Stacey Menzel Baker, Holli C. Karrer, and Ann Veeck (2005) ,"My Favorite Recipes: Recreating Emotions and Memories Through Cooking", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 32, eds. Geeta Menon and Akshay R. Rao, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 402-403.