Consuming Activism: Peace, War, and Consumer Research

A. Fuat Firat, Arizona State University
ABSTRACT - This paper reports an ethnographic study of activists in a current peace movement. Through observations of and extended conversations with twenty-three informants, the researcher attempts to understand the factors that most influence the orientations and behaviors of activist members of a peace alliance. The paper also attempts to provide some discussion on the domain of consumer research and definition of consumption. The claim is made that current definition of consumption and consumer may be limiting our ability to gain insights into the human condition through consumer research.
[ to cite ]:
A. Fuat Firat (2004) ,"Consuming Activism: Peace, War, and Consumer Research", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 31, eds. Barbara E. Kahn and Mary Frances Luce, Valdosta, GA : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 611-614.