New Clothing: Meanings and Practices

Gokcen Coskuner, Auburn University
Ozlem Sandikci, Bilkent University
ABSTRACT - This paper explores feelings, experiences and practices related to new clothing. Specifically, we seek to answer two main questions: What does constitute newness of a clothing item? What is the motivation for a new clothing purchase? The study utilizes qualitative research methods and draws upon data collected from 24 informants of different age, gender and cultural capital. The paper argues that unlike technologically oriented new products, symbolic meanings, motives and practices predominantly characterize new clothing consumption.
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Gokcen Coskuner and Ozlem Sandikci (2004) ,"New Clothing: Meanings and Practices", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 31, eds. Barbara E. Kahn and Mary Frances Luce, Valdosta, GA : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 285-290.