An Examination of Recall Measures of Sponsorship Awareness

Michael S. Humphreys, University of Queensland, Australia
T. Bettina Cornwell, University of Queensland, Australia
Clinton S. Weeks, University of Queensland, Australia
Anna R. McAlister, University of Queensland, Australia
In four experiments we consider various memory recall techniques in measuring sponsorship awareness effects. Specifically, we investigate event cued recall, brand category cued recall, brand cued recall, and free recall. We also consider the impact of competitor brand presence at the time of sponsorship exposure on sponsorship awareness. Results show that recall measures can differ depending on the cue utilized, and that non-sponsor competitor brands can elicit event recall even when not previously mentioned in association with the event. Further, while competitor presence was detrimental to cued recall, it appeared to facilitate free recall.
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Michael S. Humphreys, T. Bettina Cornwell, Clinton S. Weeks, and Anna R. McAlister (2007) ,"An Examination of Recall Measures of Sponsorship Awareness", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 34, eds. Gavan Fitzsimons and Vicki Morwitz, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 383-385.