Brand Dislike: the Dark Side of Consumer Preferences

Daniele Dalli, University of Pisa
Simona Romani, University of Pisa
Giacomo Gistri, University of Pisa



Daniele Dalli - Università di Pisa

Simona Romani - Università di Pisa

Giacomo Gistri - Università di Pisa



There has been a recent increase in consumer research on the topic of brand dislike: it can be defined as the negative judgment expressed by the consumer and/or implied in the choice not to buy. The sparse literature in this field is fragmented into different streams of research that will be reviewed in this paper: a) consumer criticism and resistance, b) dislike as a means of communicating and constructing self image, and c) consumer/brand relationship. After the literature review, the method and results from fieldwork will be presented. The data converge towards a unitary and consistent framework, in which various levels and factors can be interpreted in the light of the theoretical perspectives outlined above.
[ to cite ]:
Daniele Dalli, Simona Romani, and Giacomo Gistri (2006) ,"Brand Dislike: the Dark Side of Consumer Preferences", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 33, eds. Connie Pechmann and Linda Price, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 87-95.