Powering Up With Indirect Reciprocity in a Large-Scale Field Experiment

Erez Yoeli, Federal Trade Commission, USA
Moshe Hoffman, University of California San Diego, USA
David G. Rand, Yale University, USA
Martin A. Nowak, Harvard University, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, USA
We provide real-world evidence of the importance of observability in supporting large-scale cooperation. We show that observability triples participation in an energy efficiency program, and is over four times as effective as offering a $25 monetary incentive. Furthermore, we provide evidence that reputational concerns are driving our observability effect.
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Erez Yoeli, Moshe Hoffman, David G. Rand, and Martin A. Nowak (2013) ,"Powering Up With Indirect Reciprocity in a Large-Scale Field Experiment", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 41, eds. Simona Botti and Aparna Labroo, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research.