The Pursuit of Happiness: Can It Make You Happy?

Kelly Goldsmith, Northwestern University, USA
David Gal, Northwestern University, USA
Raj Raghunathan, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Lauren Cheatham, Stanford University, USA
Research has concluded that the explicit pursuit of happiness is counterproductive. In contrast, in the current research, we find it is possible to increase happiness by explicitly pursuing the goal of happiness. Thus, we suggest an important caveat to prior work on happiness.
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Kelly Goldsmith, David Gal, Raj Raghunathan, and Lauren Cheatham (2013) ,"The Pursuit of Happiness: Can It Make You Happy? ", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 41, eds. Simona Botti and Aparna Labroo, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research.