Acculturation, Brand Personality and Brand Preferences

Umut Kubat, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Vanitha Swaminathan, University of Pittsburgh, USA
The present research examines the relationship between acculturation, brand personality and brand preferences,in the context of bilingual advertising. It is hypothesized that biculturals will not demonstrate a strong affinity to any particular brand.We further test how bilingual advertising would enhance biculturals' brand preferences, and how brand personality moderates this relationship.
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Umut Kubat and Vanitha Swaminathan (2012) ,"Acculturation, Brand Personality and Brand Preferences", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 40, eds. Zeynep G├╝rhan-Canli, Cele Otnes, and Rui (Juliet) Zhu, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 1112-1112.