Brand Suicide?: Memory and Liking of Negative Brand Names

Duncan Guest, Lugano University, Switzerland
Zachary Estes, University of Warwick, UK
Michael Gibbert, Lugano Universty, Switzerland
David Mazursky, Hebrew University, Israel
Brand names can convey important attributes of a product, and can more generally impact the brand image itself. For instance, brand names such as Dove and Apple implicitly convey positivity. However, some products are marketed with distinctly negative brand names, such as Burn energy drink, Fat Bastard chardonnay, and Poison perfume. What are the consequences of such negative brand names for consumer behavior? Might they bestow certain benefits that outweigh their negative connotations? We report two experiments that investigate this question.
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Duncan Guest, Zachary Estes, Michael Gibbert, and David Mazursky (2011) ,"Brand Suicide?: Memory and Liking of Negative Brand Names", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 39, eds. Rohini Ahluwalia, Tanya L. Chartrand, and Rebecca K. Ratner, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 903-904.