Marketplace Shaping of Spiritual Experiences: Current Theory and Prospects

Gary J. Bamossy, Georgetown University, USA
Stefania Borghini, Bocconi University, Italy
Russell W. Belk, York University, Canada
Stephen J. Gould, Baruch College, USA
Robert V. Kozinets, York University, Canada
Pauline Maclaran, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Linda Scott, University of Oxford, UK
Hope J. Schau, University of Arizona, USA
Lorna Stevens, University of Ulster, UK
Darach Turley, Dublin City University, Ireland
This roundtable aims to bring fresh views on the role of marketplace actors and forces in the shaping of spiritual experiences. Building on the sacred and profane debate in consumer behavior, key themes explored in the roundtable will include marketers’ sacralization of the mundane; consumers’ search for spiritual meanings in the consumption of the mundane; the commodification of the spiritual; the consumption of spiritual goods; researcher reflexivity in studying spiritual experiences. We expect that these themes will attract a variety of scholars and generate a lively debate enabling a better understanding of the market for spiritual experiences in globalized, capitalistic societies.
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Gary J. Bamossy, Stefania Borghini, Russell W. Belk, Stephen J. Gould, Robert V. Kozinets, Pauline Maclaran, Linda Scott, Hope J. Schau, Lorna Stevens, and Darach Turley (2011) ,"Marketplace Shaping of Spiritual Experiences: Current Theory and Prospects", in E - European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 9, eds. Alan Bradshaw, Chris Hackley, and Pauline Maclaran, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 553-554.