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Transformative consumer research (TCR) is intended to be rigorous consumer research that is both pragmatically and theoretically rich in terms of its goals and usefulness for individual, societal, and ecological well-being. The purpose of this interactive data base is to build the TCR community, particularly to facilitate knowledge sharing and knowledge growth through new and ongoing interactions and partnerships. The data base asks researchers to provide background and contact information about themselves. It also provides a series of topics and sub-topics that scholars and practitioners may identify with, as facets of their expertise or interests in transformative consumer research. Participants enter their data and can also search for related information on other participants.

The topics, sub-topics, and examples in the data base were created by a small team of individuals from the Association for Consumer Research who reviewed prior literature, conferences, and so forth that are broadly related to TCR. Naturally, not all categories and examples could be listed. Also, decisions about terminology and the placement of categories and examples are inevitably subjective and open to change. Those who participate in this data base have the option of not only choosing which topics fit their expertise or interests, but also creating new categories or tags, which other participants may search, borrow, and use as they wish.

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