Consuming It Cool: Status Multiplicity and Contextualized Cultural Capital

Risto Moisio, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Eric Arnould, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Zeynep Arsel, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Craig Thompson, Marius Ludicke, Markus Giesler, University of Wisconsin - Madison; University of St. Gallen; York University
This paper revisits subcultures of consumption and investigates the role of countercultural narratives as a resource for consumer status and identity. Building upon recent subcultural theories, I conceptualize counterculture as a complex cultural configuration of meanings, structures and practices that consumers internalize and act upon. In quest for coolness, consumers subscribe to a number and combination of countercultural practices, engage in multiple status games and create symbolic boundaries between cool and mainstream. This study extends prior work on lifestyles, advances an understanding of the marketplaceā€™s role in countercultural dynamics, and provides a critique of the coolhunting practices.
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Risto Moisio, Eric Arnould, Zeynep Arsel, and Craig Thompson, Marius Ludicke, Markus Giesler (2005) ,"Consuming It Cool: Status Multiplicity and Contextualized Cultural Capital", in E - European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 7, eds. Karin M. Ekstrom and Helene Brembeck, Goteborg, Sweden : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 6--9.